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Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Post continued...

Things have really changed for Lauren since we started Homeschooling! She no longer is treading water in Math and is actually exceling beyond my expectations!! :)
Both of my girls are involved in Girl Scouts and love it!! And the kids also love their AWANA prgram at our church!! Lots and Lots of socialization for sure!! We are members of a great Homechooling Group and are blessed to have made such great new friendships!! You will probably hear a lot about our adventures with our great group!!
Kaitlyn and Dylan are doing great in "School". All three of my children are so bright!! I am such a proud Mama!!
Just wanted to make sure that I continued this post so that everyone knows that even though I have chosen a Non "Traditional" route of educating my kids... It really is working!! And as a family we are closer then ever!!


  1. I am so proud of you Sarah and everything you are doing for your children. I am glad I am a part of your and their lives as well. You all are doing a great job and have a wonderful support network behind you all the way. Lots of love!! Korin :)

  2. Thanks! I am so glad that you are in my life as well! I love all the support from all my awesome friends! xxoo

  3. Props to you Sarah! You are doing great things for your kids! Question, do you get any type of tax credit for the program? It stinks that you pay so much for school tax in NJ, and you don't even use the schools! Keep us posted! Andrea W. R.

  4. Hi All,
    Thanks for reading and for all the kind words and encouragment!
    I love educating my kids and I plan on enjoying every moment of it!
    Andrea- No we do not get a tax credit, but thats ok cause NJ is one of the best and easiest states to Homeschool in so the state is giving back in way I guess. Besides us Homeschoolers do not want the goverment to get to involved and make our lives harder. LOL..
    Thanks for reading and I am working on another post that I will be putting up soon!

  5. "And as a family we are closer then ever!!"

    This was a surprising benefit to us about homeschooling. Too often children in public school pull away from their siblings. They are taught to only socialize with kids their own age. I am grateful our children play with each other, talk with each other and just hang out together.